Can't you come to us? Villa Regia is coming to you!

Dear guests, we are very happy to cook for you. That is why we offer you our meals in the form of delivery or personal collection.

How to order

We accept your orders by phone at :
phone numbers : +421 911 614 914, +421 55/ 625 65 10 or by email:

What and when I can order

Daily lunch menu  we are serving from 11:00 till 15.00

A la carte menu from 11.00 till 20.00

We are taking orders from  9:00 

The restaurant will be AGAIN opened during the weekend

11.30 – 20.00  (Orders from 11.00 till 19.30)

To guarantee on time delivery , it is good to order food in advance.

Handing over food

You can pick up your order in person or we also offer the possibility of delivery. 

Personal take away

You can pick up your order in person at the agreed time in our restaurant. If you do not have a place to park, just call us and our staff will bring food directly to your car (when paying in cash).

Old town delivery

Within the Old Town, our boys from Villa Regia, who have always been happy to serve you professionally & with a smile on their face, will bring lunch or dinner right to you right now for a symbolic price of € 1.50, which you can support them in these difficult times.
These streets are: Dominikánske námestie, Mäsiarska ulica, Hradbová, Moyzesova, Poštová, Alžbetina, Bočná, Vrátna, Hlavná, Mlynská, Kováčska, Biela, Orlia, Zvonárska

Košice - city & suburbs delivery

Delivery within the city is also carried out in cooperation with the taxi service AIR TAXI Košice, where we guarantee speed, quality and delivery at the ordered time. Delivery price starting from 2.00 €, minimum order from 14.00 € without delivery fee. Outside cities and suburbs by agreement ( from 4 to 7€)

Looking forward to your order

FORMELY – Hot coffee shop

The two-storey house on Dominican Square is a Renaissance building from the second half of the 17th century. The owners in the inter-war period were the Havrilay’s, a significant family of Košice . In 1927, we can recall upon Dr. Béla Havrillay and in the years 1929-1934 Dr. Adalbert Havrillay. In one part of the house in 1927, there was a shop with the intriguing name “Shop of hot coffee”.

TODAY – Villa Regia

Welcome to our restaurant Villa Regia, since its beginning in 2002 ,it is among one of the most favorite restaurants in Košice. The Environment of this restaurant portrays elegance and traditional furnished interior. Sitting in comfortable booths gives a feeling of coziness and privacy,where the atmosphere is enhanced by a rustic fireplace and wooden floors.

Daily menu

6,90 €










In Addition to daily menu you can choose also from 11.00 till 15.00.


Restaurant and Košice? Košice residents will think of Villa Regia, that gained her name thanks to quality kitchen and individual style. Our cooks are real professionals, who use only fresh ingredients when preparing meals. You wont find any ready-to-cook products or artificial zest.


Our restaurant cooks meals from quality, fresh ingredients from proved suppliers. We buy meat and other ingredients from proved source, often directly from the manufactures that we have good experiences with. Traditionally we offer seasonal dishes typical for the season.


We care about your satisfaction. You can be assured that your comfort and your taste buds will be cared by only professionals, that know their craft. If it is cooks or waiters – our restaurant is known for its quality and it stands on reliable people.


We want you to feel at home here. We don’t rely only on the quality of the food, but we are trying to make a surrounding, where you can spend pleasant moments. Come visit us as a couple or bigger group, we are always ready to meet all your needs and wishes. We believe, we will satisfy you and that you will come back again.