Welcome to our restaurant Villa Regia, since its beginning  in 2002 it belongs among one of the most  favourite restaurants in Košice. The Environment of this restaurant  portrays elegance and traditional furnished interior. Sitting in a comfortable booths gives a feeling of coziness and privacy, where its  atmosphere is enhanced by a rustic  fireplace and wooden floors.

Our kind and helpful staff will be happy to serve you professionally and strongly recommend our specialties. We focus on traditional and regional cuisine. We provide seasonal menu offers.

You will find wines from small wineries and craft beer from local breweries.

Our Chefs: Ronald Jusko and Ladislav Miľo take care of our fine cousine.



Browse our menu. In addition to our normal menu we often have also seasonal specialties.

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Daily Menu

Look at our daily lunch menu. We serve desert to each daily lunch menu.

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